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Bamboo Charcoal Pet Bed Covers


Bamboo charcoal is made from Miso Bamboo, also known as “black diamond”. It has a high mineral content including potassium, calcium, iron and sodium, When fired at temperatures over 800°C the structure carbonizes and develops unique properties that deodorize, purify and control humidity. Bamboo charcoal reacts with your pet’s body heat producing FAR Infrared rays. These rays have been known to relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and speed recovery. Other benefits may include joint relief and improved circulation, energy and flexibility. 



  • Designed to fit over your pet's favorite bed
  • Protective waterproof lining
  • Machine washable cover
  • removable bamboo charcoal insert is hand-washable and recharges in the sun


Small/Medium Round Topper:

Item#: 58304

Large/XL Round Topper:

Item#: 58305

Small/Medium Rectangular Topper: 

Item#: 58302    

Large/XL Rectangular Topper:

Item#: 58303  



Bamboo Charcoal Pet Bed Covers

Watch Gary Ervick, Executive Vice President of Sales and snior dog Kiya talk about the Bamboo Charcoal Bed Covers and Multi-use Mats.



Name: Bonnie
Age: 11
Loves: Napping
Likes: Napping on her Bamboo Charcoal Bed Cover when it gets warm
Dislikes: Waiting on her pet parent to wash and recharge her bed

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