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Bottom's Up™ Harness  buy it now


It is important to continue to get regular exercise with your senior dog. Lack of movement can make pain and stiffness from arthritis worse. Plus, excess weight can put painful pressure on joints. So see your veterinarian and try to incorporate several short walks in your dog’s day. You’ll both benefit!




  • Comfortable "always on" harness
  • Rear lift handle aids inlifting and getting them moving
  • Steadies older, arthritic and post-surgical dogs
  • Attachable leash for comfort and stability


Item#: 58050

Bottom's Up ™Harness

Watch a demonstration of the Bottoms Up Harness.




Name: Hamlet
Age: 12
Loves: Walks
Likes: Still being able to go on walks with the Bottom’s Up™ Harness to help him move around
Dislikes: Cats

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