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Products for Pets and Pet Owners


The Silver Tails™ brand delivers solution-based products for senior pets that addresses issues such as lack of mobility, hygiene, dental care or just plain boredom.

By 2015, more than half of all of the pets in the United States will be considered senior. Veterinarians recommend that senior pets receive special attention and care to maintain optimum health and maximum vitality.

See the whole line of Silver Tails™ to find out about all of the benefits for your senior pet.  

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Silver Tails is one of many industry leading brands under Quaker Pet Group. QPG is committed to providing pet products that will enrich the lives of pets and their pet-parents worldwide. Registered brands include: New York Dog™, Hear Doggy™, Vet Tech™, Sherpa’s Pet Trading®, Fox & Hounds™, Cloak & Dawggie™, GoDog™, Luna Brite™, Woof Wear Organics® and Rain™ products.
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