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Hand-held Massager


Massaging your pet with the Hand-Held Massager can help to stimulate muscles and increase joint flexibility. It can also help to relieve the tension, stiffness and pain associated with arthritis. Massage is also a great bonding experience.



  • Relieves stress and muscle soreness
  • Unique shape allows contact with the pet
  • Telescoping cradle fits almost any hand
  • Two massage heads promote healthy circulation


Item#: 58000


Hand Held Massager

Watch Gary Ervick, Executive Vice President of Sales, and his senior dog champ demonstrate the Hand-Held Massager.


Barkley - hand held massager


Name: Barkley
Age: 9
Loves: The Handheld Massager
Likes: Long walks on the beach with her pet parent
Dislikes: Not getting a massage after a long day of play

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