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Vet Tech Dental Care System        buy it now


The SilverTails™ Vet Tech™ Dental care system includes everything you need to clean your pet’s teeth and gums. The one-handed operation allows for a pleasant dental experience for you and your pet. The textured cleaning heads absorb tartar build-up, food particles and debris, and the polishing heads smooth and seal the enamel surface for a longer lasting clean.




  • Absorbent micro-fiber heads developed to thoroughly extract brushing debris
  • Polishing micro-fiber heads provide a long lasting clean
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth and gums
  • 1 month supply


Item#: 58400

Dental Care System

See Dr. Kevin Lynch of the Moriches Hospital for Animals in Center Moriches, New York discuss the Silver TailsTM Dental Products.




Name: Sammy
Age: 10
Loves: Dinnertime
Likes: Getting a tummy rub after having his teeth brushed and polished
Dislikes: When his teeth feel dirty and he has stinky dog breath

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